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Google Analytics Integration

Analyse call conversions in Google Analytics

Integrate your call tracking and web analytics applications for more comprehensive reporting

All Calls, One Platform

Fone Dynamics automatically sends call conversions into Google Analytics Classic and Universal allowing you to view all of your calls in one platform.

Session Link

Report on call conversions in Google Analytics against the exact traffic type, UTM tags, referrer and so forth that led to the call.  Calls are linked with sessions to ensure accurate reporting.


Call conversions generated by Fone Dynamics appear as goals in Google Analytics, allowing you to report on calls in almost any Google Analytics report.

Advanced Features

Take advantage of the advanced features in Google Analytics, like multi-channel attribution, to gain even more insights into conversion behaviours.

Online and Offline

Fone Dynamics allows you to track both your online and your offline calls in Google Analytics Universal, giving you a more comprehensive view of your inbound communications.

Quick and Easy Setup

Fone Dynamics automatically activates Google Analytics integration when you sign up. All you need to do is to add a custom goal for call conversions – then you can instantly take advantage of call conversions in Google Analytics.

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