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Call Tracking

Know precisely which marketing or advertising activity generated each and every call. For web traffic, know which PPC ads, display ads, referrals, keywords, pages, experiments and devices drive calls most effectively.

  • Session-Based Web Tracking

    Track each and every visitor to your website and the calls that they make. Be empowered by having valuable tracking data attributed to your inbound phone calls.

    Fone Dynamics operates its proprietary web tracker and uses advanced algorithms to attribute inbound calls to web sessions, even on extremely high traffic web properties.

  • EDM Tracking

    Start tracking the call conversions that are generated by EDM campaigns, regardless of whether recipients call directly from the email or from your website.

  • Attribution-Based Call Routing

    Use powerful customisable rules to provide a more streamlined communications experience. For example, route calls to a priority sales queue for paid traffic or specific campaigns.

  • Geographical Number Display

    Appear more local by displaying phone numbers that are local to your web visitors1. For example, a visitor in Perth would see a Perth number, while a visitor in Melbourne would see a Melbourne number.

    1 – This product is based on IP address and has a high degree of accuracy, however it is not compatible with all visitors.

  • Off-site and Offline Tracking

    Use dedicated tracking numbers to attribute off-site and offline calls to specific off-site or offline marketing campaigns or number placements.

Application Integrations

Connect your call tracking to your existing analytics, PPC, CRM, CRO or custom-built applications.

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  • Google Analytics

    Integrate your call tracking and web analytics applications for more comprehensive reporting. Report on phone calls as goals in Google Analytics, and take advantage of the advanced features in Google Analytics, like multi-channel attribution, to gain even more insights into call conversion behaviours.

  • Google AdWords

    Fone Dynamics automatically sends call conversions into AdWords allowing you to view all of the calls that your campaigns generated in one platform. Take advantage of Google AdWords’ conversion optimisation features to drive more calls and reduce non-converting click spend.

  • Salesforce

    Fone Dynamics synchronises call attribution information including the marketing campaign and landing page to Salesforce allowing you see how inbound phone leads found you. Build custom reports in Salesforce to analyse and forecast the revenue that digital marketing campaigns generate down to the ad.

  • Optimizely

    Fone Dynamics automatically sends call conversions into Optimizely. Use on-page conversion optimisation and call tracking together to build better content that generates more calls.

Call Routing and Management

Provide better customer experiences and improve your business communications by implementing our set of world-class call routing and management features.

  • Call Recording

    Easily access recordings of your inbound calls to better understand how your calls are being handled. Improve agent call handling quality and safeguard your business and its contracts with recorded evidence of verbal conversations.

  • Hosted IVR

    Build advanced call flows that provide excellent customer experiences and support your unique communications strategy. Combine features such as welcome messages, single and multi-level menus, time and day based routing, call overflow, call queues, hunt groups, voice-to-email, live contact centre, geographical routing and postcode routing.

  • Live Contact Centre

    Increase the number of calls that are answered by having our agents answer your calls when your staff are busy or out-of-the-office2. Our agents answer calls as your business and are able to follow customisable handling procedures to take messages, transfer calls or use your online software platforms3.

    2 – We currently have one contact centre in Brisbane, Australia. While we are able to provide this service globally, call latency may be experienced outside of the Asia-Pacific region.
    3 – Proper scoping, planning and minimum commitments are required if we are to use your online software platforms.

  • Geographical Routing

    Have calls to your business automatically routed to the regional office closest to each caller4.

    4 – This feature is only supported in Australia on 13, 1300 and 1800 numbers. This feature is partially supported in New Zealand on 0800 numbers for calls originating on landlines.

  • Postcode Routing

    Allow callers to select their closest regional office using our postcode entry and advanced geographical mapping capabilities5.

    5 – This feature is only supported in USA and Australia.

  • Agent Survey

    Collect additional information about calls by having your agents complete a survey at the end of each call. Categorise calls and collect sales values for won deals.

  • Call Notifications

    Give your team more power to handle certain situations by receiving notification emails for certain classes of calls. For example, receive notifications when a call is missed to allow your team to proactively return calls.

Data Analytics & Reporting

Be empowered to understand caller behaviours and make strategic decisions by using our easy-to-use but powerful analytics and reporting portal.

  • Reporting Portal

    Make reporting simple by using our easy-to-use but powerful analytics and reporting portal. View offline call data and online web and call data together in one portal. Explore your data using customisable grouping and drill-down functionality. Export your data for further analysis or for input into third-party applications.

  • Acquisition Reporting

    Understand user and caller acquisition across multiple channels including paid search, display, social, organic search, email, referral and direct traffic.

  • Audience Reporting

    Analyse your audience with reports covering desktop and mobile, IP address and phone call geolocation, web browsers, screen resolutions and returning visitors and callers.

  • Call Metrics Reporting

    Understand missed calls, average call durations, interactions with IVR systems, peak times of the day and peak days of the week.

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