Call Tracking and Analytics

The most successful companies combine data and analytics to drive competitive decision making.

Harness the power of our state-of-the-art call attribution technology that makes call data analysis accessible to and easy-to-use for all marketers.

Use Fone Dynamics call attribution technology to..

Understand what drives calls

Know precisely which marketing or advertising activity generated each and every call. For web traffic, know which PPC ads, display ads, referrals, keywords, pages, experiments and devices drive calls most effectively.

Link marketing with revenue

No more guessing. Know how much revenue each marketing activity is generating. Evaluate marketing effectiveness using real data.

Build better campaigns

Imagine knowing exactly what drives your online and offline conversions and revenue. Capitalise on a new competitive advantage and be empowered to make justified, data-driven marketing decisions.

Analyse calls with Google Analytics

Integrate your call tracking into Google Analytics for additional reporting capabilities. Report on phone calls as goals in Google Analytics, and take advantage of the advanced features in Google Analytics, like multi-channel attribution, to gain even more insights into call conversion behaviours.


Optimise your traffic for calls

Fone Dynamics automatically sends call conversions into Optimizely allowing you to view all of the calls that your experiments generate in one platform. Use Optimizely and call tracking together to build better content that generates more calls.

Know the traffic that is generating revenue

By using our CRM connectors, you can report on call attribution information within your CRM, allowing you to attribute real sales and revenue to exactly how customers found you.


Integrate with your favourite applications

By connecting your call tracking with your existing tools, you can realise competitive benefits to keep you ahead of the pack.

Using application integrations, you can take advantage of call conversions in your favourite PPC, CRM, CRO, analytics and even custom-built applications.

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Reporting and analytics

Be empowered to understand caller behaviours and make strategic decisions by using our easy-to-use but powerful analytics and reporting portal. Explore your data using customisable grouping and drill-down functionality. Export your data for further analysis or for input into third-party applications.

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Work with a trusted partner

We understand that communications is a core component of most businesses. Our group of companies was founded in 2007 and annually our network is trusted to provide over 100 million minutes of tracked calls to our business customers. Our rock-solid infrastructure has achieved over 99.99% uptime and our network operations engineers are available 24/7.

We strive to be more than just a supplier to our clients. We strive to be a key strategic partner.

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